50 years experience is hard to come by in solar. That’s why Schletter stands apart.

They have worked at honing their light metal products for half a century, meaning their solar mounting is particularly durable, with an easy install process too. They work to produce sustainable products from aluminium and high-grade steel, designed for the duration.

A great feature of their products is their versatile design. You’re never going to be left wanting on-site, with the range of quality products that they offer.

Schletter make dynamic solar mounting with true quality.

The on-roof system from is suitable for any pitch and any roof, any time. Easy to install, cost-effective, customized solutions for home or business. This is made up of mix and match flush mount on roof components, with options for nearly any roof type or module layout.

Use the Segen online Design Tool to quickly design a full system using Schletter. You can also see their official website here.


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