SolarEdge was founded in 2006 and has a market share of over 70% in the power optimising sector.  They are an instantly recognisable global brand that helps shape the entire industry.

Their portfolio of products includes power optimisers, highly efficient PV inverters and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection.  The SolarEdge system enables harvesting more solar power from any PV system by effectively removing the known system constraints across the photovoltaic energy space.

The SolarEdge DC-AC PV inverter is specifically designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimisers.  As MPPT and voltage management are handled separately for each module by the power optimiser, the inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion. Consequently, it is a less complicated, more cost-effective, more reliable solar inverter with a standard 12 years warranty, extendable to 20 or 25 years. The fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times (>97% weighted efficiency) independent of string length and temperature.

Their new RWS range doesn’t require the StorEdge Interface, allowing for a simpler and neater solution.  Plus, visit the portal today for a SolarEdge and LG Chem energy storage package that is EXCLUSIVE to Segen.


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