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Enphase Energy is a well-known global solar brand that specialises in microinverter technology. They have sold over 13 million units worldwide and have successfully installed over 1.1 million systems. Their impact on the world has resulted in 3GW of clean energy, which helps offset other polluting energy sources.

Their microinverters from the backbone of their award-winning home energy solution. The inverters monitor each panel and ensure that it has the most efficient output, to maximise the impact of each panel. Their products have incredibly low failure rates, ensuring trust from installers and homeowners to safeguard their energy savings. As such, Enphase offers a 25-year warranty.



The Enphase Envoy system serves as the central control unit for the solar PV system, eliminating the need for an inverter within the property.

The Envoy serves as the central hub for the Home Energy Solution. It collects data from microinverters and communicates regularly with Enphase servers to optimize system performance. The Envoy-S Metered can provide data on the performance of each module.

But it also provides insights into a household’s energy consumption. The Envoy-S Metered is also designed to integrate with the Enphase AC Battery, a solution for energy storage.

Enphase is a popular option for individuals who prioritise safety and long-term investment. It is frequently selected by home builders who prefer a compact system without internal equipment, as well as for larger commercial systems on public buildings, and by homeowners seeking an intelligent system.


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