SingleFix Pro for corrugation heights from 22 mm (1 piece)

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The universal trapezoidal sheet fastener for steel and aluminium sheet from 0.5 mm.     SingleFix Pro for corrugation heights from 22 mm (1 piece).    Screws must be ordered separately as needed (2 pieces for each SingleFix Pro)  

Used in connection with Solo mounting rails

The easy solution for mounting in Portrait on IBR roofs.

SA: Using this part along with our SingleFix-V solo (SLT-113009-200) rails will allow the panels to have enough ventilation for effective heat dissipation.

This part No represents one of Singlefix plate SLT-113009-003 x 1

Correctly designed fixing requires 2x plates and 4x metal screws and needs to be attached to mounting rail.

Note : Screws needs to be purchased seperately SLT-943000-360