Emlite 1-ph GSM Smart Meter

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  MID approved Automatic Metering Reading for Micro-Gen, Feed In Tariff and Sub-metering applications.  

Designed specifically for the collection of micro-generation metering data, EMGSM1 provides remote collection of meter readings especially generation metering of wind, solar and any other renewable energy installations. The meter is of modular construction and allows a range of communication modules to be fitted to allow for future developments in remote metering.

The meter is a fully MID approved device and can provide functionality over and above that required for generation metering making it suitable for many other applications. Additional functionality includes Time-of-Use Rate Switching, Power Quality Recording, Active (kWh) and Reactive (kvarh) energy measurement across both import and export.

The overall solution has been designed to minimise installation time and reduce the need for return maintenance visits. An indication of the GSM signal strength is provided on the meter display and in the cases where a network resilient SIM is fitted, the number of available networks is provided. This single display allows the installer to leave site confident that the installation is fully operational with a robust communication link.

Comes supplied with a SIM card. 


To read these smart meters remotely you will need MeterOnline unless you have your own AMR system

Does not come with CT's.