Dektite Aluminium Multicable Solar Flashing (Metal Roof )

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Ideal for weatherproofing cable entry on commercial PV installations.

Avoid unwanted long cable runs on roof and down side of building. Dektite allows cables to be taken safely through any trapezoidal or corrugated roof wherever requred.

Ensure that MCS weatherpoofing requirements are met by using purpose made products and at the same time protect cables from damage by isolating them from contact with roof materials. Each flashing takes up to 12 cables

The Dektite Premium is an easy to install, effective and low cost solution backed by a 20 year warranty and Deks Industries' 50 years experience in design and manufacture of polymer roof flashings.

Fix with Dektite Fixing Kit DFK1 which contains sufficient sealant and fixings for two or three flashings, depending on type of roof sheet.

Dektite Premium DFE101BM

* Purpose made weatherproofing as required by MCS

* Avoids unwanted long cable runs on roof

* Protects cables from damage – up to 12 through each flashing

* Tough UV resistant EPDM

* Fits any trapezoidal or corrugated profile

* Easy to fit using Dektite Fixing Kit DFK1

* 20 year Dektite warranty

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