ClickFit EVO Universal Roof Hook

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ClickFit Evo is a mounting solution for tiled, steel, corrugated and standing seam roofs. Developed by Esdec to be quicker, simpler, and safer. ClickFit EVO has a smart click connection that allows for quick and easy installation of solar to the roof. Small number of components and installation steps means that panels can be installed up to 50% quicker.

  • Super fast installation as no need to find the rafter.
  • Saves 40% of time on the roof.
  • Universal for almost ALL roofs.
  • Can be used on slate in combination with the Genius Roof Solutions SolarFlash kit.
  • Only 2 runs with an angle grinder to the upper tile.
  • Can be used in combination with the EPDM Rubber spacer (ESD-1008063).

With the hook and click technique of ClickFit EVO, you can easily, quickly and safely install solar panels on a tiled roof. The ClickFit EVO Universal Roof Hook eliminates the need to drill holes in the roof construction, allowing the roof construction of the end user to stay fully intact. The universally adjustable roof hook fits all roof tile/batten combinations, and the ingenious water barrier smartly prevents leakage. 

Do you prefer screwing into the truss? Use the ClickFit EVO Truss Hook. This system consists of a hook with a wider top plate that can be screwed onto a truss, tile or roof boarding. This offers flexibility in the placement and attachment of the truss hook. You can also combine the ClickFit EVO Universal Roof Hook and Truss Hook in a single project.

Segen highly encourage installers to sign up to the Esdec online academy to maximise on ease and speed of installation.