ClickFit EVO Mounting Rail 3500mm

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ClickFit Evo is a mounting solution for tiled, steel, corrugated and standing seam roofs. Developed by Esdec to be quicker, simpler, and safer. ClickFit EVO has a smart click connection that allows for quick and easy installation of solar to the roof. Small number of components and installation steps means that panels can be installed up to 50% quicker.

  • Strong and universal rail.
  • Lengths to cope with all the modern 1134mm width modules.
  • Can be used with any Esdec fixing.
  • Screwless fully structual rail connector.

The mounting rail for the ClickFit EVO system is unique due to the material used. The use of different types of aluminium makes the mounting rail 30% stronger and 30% lighter. This makes the mounting system ideal for spanning larger roof surfaces. The mounting rail can be used for installation on both tiled and corrugated roofs.

Segen highly encourage installers to sign up to the Esdec online academy to maximise on ease and speed of installation.