Solar System Types

Choosing the Right System

There are different types of solar system, which have various special aspects, designed for a variety of different homes and businesses. By selecting the right system type you are future-proofing your investment and ensuring that you get the most back from it.

System Types


Peak shaving works by using your solar energy to limit how much high-cost energy you consume from the grid. It does this by using battery storage technology to charge up during daylight hours, and then releases that energy at times where energy costs are high. Through this, it shaves the peaks off your high cost energy demands.


A grid-tied system works by generating solar energy on-site and then using that to meet the energy needs of a property. Any excess that is left over gets supplied back to the utility grid. The PV system and grid work in tandem, so if you don’t have enough on-site generation, the grid will pick up any shortfall. These systems are becoming more popular as consumers are looking more closely at their energy supplies.

Enhanced Self-Consumption

ESS systems are designed to maximise how you use your own energy. With your on-site solar generation, you can use a battery storage system to hold onto anything you don’t use throughout the day. As most people use less energy during the day, but generate the most solar energy during those daylight hours, there’s often a surplus to make the most of. ESS systems will work out the smartest way to utilise your energy, to cut back on monthly energy bills. These types of systems pair perfectly with Agile Tariffs.

Grid Back-Up

A grid back-up does exactly that! They are designed to be capable of operating without grid supply for periods of time, meaning they keep going even when everything else doesn’t. They are suited for areas with less certain supply, but you can also add a hybrid inverter to discharge any battery storage to make sure nothing essential shuts down when there’s no grid supply.

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