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Canadian Solar have been carving out a space in the global solar market through their reliability & quality since 2001. They have risen to be a globally recognised brand & are have been a part of the Silicon Module Superleague for many years now.


Canadian Solar delivers efficient solar panels that have been thoroughly tested throughout extreme and harsh conditions, coming out on top each time.

That’s why they’re so confident when offering a 25-year performance warranty on their products. In fact, Bloomberg NEF gave them honour of most ‘Bankable Manufacturer’ in 2019, cementing their status as a manufacturer dedicated to incredible durability, that their customers can bank on.

  • Hugely powerful performance
  • 25-year warranty to rely on
  • Award-winning bankability


At Segen we’ve brought their high-power modules across the Atlantic, to thousands of installations across the UK. If you want to see why their high-power modules are so popular, why not get in touch today?

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Canadian Solar are also a core member of the prestigious Silicon Module Super League (SMSL). This acts as a mark of trust within the solar industry, demonstrating continued commitment to solar uptake.

Candian Solar offers a range of Solar PV products. Try their bankable modules on our Portal today.


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