AIKO Solar Panels

AIKO Solar Panels

AIKO are known as one of the world’s leading producers of silicon wafers, and undoubtedly a pioneer of N-type cell technology.

The beginning of 2023 marked a new beginning for the company with the launch of its first in-house solar modules. Which are undeniably a testimony to the company’s hard work and innovative approach.


With a mission of “Empowering transformation towards a carbon-free era”, AIKO boast over 17,000 global employees and last year they turned over a staggering 35 billion Chinese Yuan in revenue.

AIKO solar panels feature ABC technology, prioritize efficiency (23%+), reliability (30-year performance warranty), and have a neat bezel-less finish which makes them perfect for residential and commercial applications.
ABC – All Back Contact Technology
AIKO solar panels feature All Back Contact (ABC) cells hence the modules have no visible lines (bus bars) on the front. Therefore the entire surface harvests sunlight resulting in a nearly 24% efficiency for each module.

The modules not only perform on the efficiency front, but also they are aesthetically pleasing and consequently were recently honoured with a 2023 Red Dot Award for product design!

N & P-Type Solar Cells

N-Type (phosphorus-doped)

An n-type cell has a negative base, the electrons travel from the negative bottom to the positive top. It’s doped with phosphorus, which has one more electron than silicon (making the cell negatively charged).

P-Type (boron-doped)
A p-type cell has a positive base that attracts the negatively charged electrons to it. It is usually doped with boron, which has one less electron than silicon (making the cell positively charged).

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