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Easy Roof are famous for being the creators of the first universal built-in mounting system for solar PV. As a result of the huge versatility of this solution, they’ve established themselves as a leading manufacturer in over 10 countries worldwide.

The Easy Roof Evolution system is MCS012 certified with a unique overlapping and interlocking installation process. There’s no seal, no cut, Just an easy solution.

Their products are therefore great for all sorts of roofs & tiles. You can use this solar mounting solution for residential to commercial and everything in-between!


There are plenty of reasons to choose Easy Roof, but we’ve collated some of the big ones here:

  • Hugely versatile for every install
  • Easy install, no stress on-site
  • Award-winning design

Their mounting solution is award-winning, with many installers loving how it takes the stress out of planning their next install.


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