myenergi are a British EV Charging brand that have really grown from strength to strength to dominate the domestic market. They have the goal of transforming homes and businesses to be more environmentally friendly but do so with true quality behind every product.

They were the first company globally to own the ‘charge your EV from your PV’ space, and launch an EV charger that doesn’t require earthing.  Their multi-award winning product zappi has since gone on to become a household name in the EV charging market.  But that’s not all they offer – with hub, eddi and harvi all leading the way when it comes to green innovations for smart living.


We’ve collected some of the best reasons to choose their EV charging solutions here:
  • Secure home EV charging
  • Three charging modes: Eco, Eco+ & Fast
  • Compatible with solar PV.
  • British-made, with real quality
  • Complete control with the myenergi App


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