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The EO Mini Pro 2 is a brand new addition to the Segen EV Charging range. This British-made charger has caused a stir in the domestic market by being the smallest charger on the market.

Coupled with a sleek, unobtrusive design that adds value to homeowners without a gaudy plug-in point, the EO Mini Pro 2 is a great option for a range of homes.

They have been building their brand within the EV industry since 2015, with a lot of success from their fleet vehicle chargers. They were named in the Financial Time’s Fastest Growing European Companies. At Segen, we’ve brought on their domestic Mini Pro 2, including an exclusive white tethered option.



There are loads of reasons to get an EO EV Charger, but we’ve highlighted three standout features from their brand below:

  • Easy Install
  • Aesthetics that Homeowners Love
  • Quality, Speed & Support


The product has great compatibility with smart energy tariffs, like the Octopus Agile Tariff. You can also pair the EO charger with solar PV really easily, through an extra CT clamp. This means it’s a strong contender for any end-user that wants to maximise their savings, whilst keeping that sleek design.

Another great feature of the EO charger is the dynamic power balancing. This smart feature will balance your home’s energy, to avoid overloading its capacity.



We’re proud to be launching the EO Charger on our Portal. Their great PV compatibility makes it an obvious option for any homeowner trying to cut their bills whilst keeping their EV spinning.

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