Sunsynk are a truly ingenuitive brand that stands apart from the rest through their relentless innovation.

With 25 years of solar pedigree, they are backed by the Global Tech China Group and use their experience to drive forward their technology in a meaningful way.


A great example of their novel approach to building solar technology has been their 3.6kW hybrid inverter. Where most typical hybrid inverters refer to a mixture of two technologies, the Sunsynk model does this but also incorporates a truly unique bi-directional charge and discharge.

This technology is unmatched on the market. Alongside that, the product which been crafted with real expertise also actually overperforms. The unit 3.6kW unit will consistently perform at a rate of over 7kW, making it an ideal choice for installers looking to pack an extra punch.


The range is impressive in its own regard, but one of the reasons that the brand is beginning to establish itself is the resources it provides for installers.


They have created a Segen exclusive area of their website, for any Segen installers wanting to get the red carpet treatment.

Their approved installer program is also a great way for installers to tap into the global community of Sunsynk installers, whilst ensuring a mark of expertise that your customers can trust.


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