Since 2010, SolaX Power have grown year on year to become a world recognised international company, with offices in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia and the USA. They are renowned for their leading research & development which has led to their products being exported globally, to over 66 countries. 

Their vision is for a sustainable future, powered by renewable energy and energy storage systems. We stock a full range of their Hybrid and AC Battery Storage Solutions on our portal, which are a popular option among installers.

Key Benefits of Adding Storage

Most homeowners can benefit from adding battery storage when upgrading their homes energy. Below are some of the key benefits that they will get form choosing to pair a SolaX system with their PV.

  • Their own power, secure & on-demand.
  • Uninterrupted supply, even if the grid is down.
  • Lower energy bills from reducing reliance on the grid.
  • Truly environmentally friendly energy
  • Monitored systems to track their energy consumption
  • Future-proofing their homes into a energy into a new era


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