Wattson 50 AMP Sensor Clip

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Wattson Solar Plus can measure 3-phase Usage when 2x 50A Sensor Clips are added.

Monitoring of 3-Phase Generation is now possible with Wattson Solar Plus – just add the 3 Phase Generation Easifit Bundle (PN: WAT-EASIFIT). This includes everything necessary for monitoring 3-Phase Generation & Usage too, there is no need to purchase additional Sensor clips.

Energeno: smart solutions for renewable energy users. Wattson Solar Plus shows how much free electricity is available, measuring both generation & usage and showing the surplus. Optimmersion turns any surplus electricity into free hot water by varying the power the Immersion heater takes to match the free power available. Optiplug turns appliances on when there is enough surplus power to run them for free. Optismart Gateway uploads the data to the Wattson Anywhere portal so it can be viewed remotely on any internet-enabled device.

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