Victron Multiplus 2.4kW ESS / 5.0kW BYD Package

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Fully functional grid back up package from Victron. The Multiplus is rated at 2.4kW, perfect for powering most of loads in the house and the 5.0kWh of Li-Ion capacity should be enough for majority of UK households. 


Victron charge controllers must be updated to the latest version of the product firmware. The VIC-MK3-USB interface has been included in this package for that purpose. Please note if you have used Victron products before and you already have MK2 or MK3 to USB interface, you will not need another one. This item can be taken of the package. 


Please note that in order to fully benefit from all ESS functionalities a manual firmware update for Colour Control GX is required:

Installation manual for ESS can be found below: