Three Phase Hybrid 10kw 48v Inverter-Technical lab unit

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The BME 10kW Commercial inverter from Blue Mountain Energy is a Hybrid Solar Inverter with on grid and off grid capabilities designed to keep businesses and/or residencies operational during power outages and reduce energy costs when connected to the grid.

The BME 10kW boasts of other features such as:

  • Parallel capability – up to six units in parallel for a staggering 60kW of power
  • Scalable – perfect for cost sensitive project that start small and scale with time
  • Programmable multiple operation modes – choose the working mode to suite your scenario: Grid-tie, off-grid or hybrid
  • Safe power for all appliances – perfect for sensitive loads such as computers
  • Unbalanced phases – ability to supply unbalanced phases on the output

The following products can be added to your BME-3P-10 to increase functionality:

  • BME-BMS-C – BMS card used to add BMS functionality to the inverter, required for Pylontech batteries
  • BME-METER – required for export control
  • BME-BMS-B – External BMS Box, required for BMS communication if MODBUS slot is used by Wi-Fi card
  • BME-WIFI – Wi-Fi card to add Wi-Fi monitoring to the inverter. BMS box or DUO box is then required to achieve BMS functionality.
  • BME-DUO-BOX – Required for export control, also adds BMS functionality.

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