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— Simplified system design due to dual MPPT and wide input voltage range up to 1.000V
— Free site selection due to IP65
— Parameter and country code setting during initial start up
— Interface selection – Ethernet, Wi-Fi and RS485 for more flexible configuration and system monitoring
— Multi-lingual 3,5“ TFT LCD display
— Easy key pad operation
— Digital inputs for the economic connection of a ripple control receiver
— Configurable multi-function relay output
— Highest earnings through max. efficiency of >98%
— Safe operation due to integrated AC / DC switch and AC / DC overvoltage protection

*Please note this is a non SMU (String Monitoring Unit) inverter so it does not come supplied with MC4 connections. It comes supplied with DC Terminal suitable for direct connection of one string per mppt. If more than one string per mppt is required please use MC4 Splitter ‘MC-4-SPL-2’ or similar solution to parallel the strings together. Please note strings should be paralleled within the same mppt only. Please observe the total DC current to make sure the maximum per mppt is not exceeded at any time.

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