Samsung EHS Fast-Connect Install Board

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Cut Your Installation Time in Half!   Samsung EHS systems just got even easier to install. Why waste time on site when you can fit the Fast-Connect Board. The board includes everything you need to make your next installation fast, efficient and easy. Pre commissioned by our award winning engineers, all you need to do is choose your cylinder and make a few easy pre-prepared water and power connections.   All settings are pre programmed to suit your installation (with unlimited heating zones) and an easy to follow installation manual is provided. The board is light enough to be installed by one man and on a standardinstallation, an experienced engineer will be able to  have a system up and running in just one full day.   We know you can do everything on this board yourself, but when we make it this easy, why bother?   Note: The Fast-Connect board comes in one size: 850W x 830L x 205D. Please make sure there is sufficient room on the wall for it along with 100mm of clearance for servicing.