Rennsteig Crimp Tool for Amphenol H4 solid contact connectors

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  As an installer you should always ensure that the correct crimping tool is used when fitting connectors to extension string cables, as a poorly formed joint can also cause arcing and eventual failure. This crimp tool is an essential addition to your solar tool kit,  and is essentially like having three tools in one as you can cut, crimp and strip.   Features include: A high-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps 1.2 metric tons pressure at crimping face, with very minimal hand effort.   Rennsteig part number: 624 1194 3 1 – PEW12.1194 PEW12 Crimp Tool handle with 1194 Profile Die and locator.   PLEASE NOTE THIS CRIMPING TOOL ONLY WORKS WITH ‘SOLID CONTACT’ TYPE OF AMPHENOL CONNECTORS (used on Huawei inverters for example) . IT WILL NOT WORK WITH ‘STAMPED AND FORMED’ TYPE