Perform Flexible Roof Flashing 300mm x 4m Roll – Grey

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Make light work of  weatherproofing  roof hook entry areas and flashing in-roof trays – use Deks Perform. Avoid safety and theft issues associated with lead.

Perform is well known as the best lead replacement material on the market. It is safe to handle,easy to cut, dress and join and has exceptional form stability. Attractive appearance and smooth surface make it suitable even for high profile listed buildings.

Spot fix with MS polymer adhesive or stainless fixings if needed in highly exposed areas.

Available in grey, black and terracotta.

Perform lead replacemen material – 300mm x 4 – grey

* Easy to use, safe alternative to lead

* Ideal for weatherproofing hook entry areas and in-roof trays

* One fifth of weight of Code 4 lead

* No scrap value

* Attractive appearance

* Available in grey, black and terracotta

* BBA Certificate and 20 year warranty



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