Overvoltage Protection DC Class I+II IP66-2MPP 900V

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System solution for PV inverters with 2 separate MPP trackers

– Varistor arrester, pluggable with disconnection device in fault-resistant Y-circuit according to VDE 0100-712 (50539-12) – low DC protection level: < 3.0 kV (Uoc max = 900V DC with V25-B+C/0-450PV) – 4 terminals up to 6mm² are pre-installed in the housing for each protective device, up to 30A DC per terminal – Pre-assembled in polycarbonate housing (IP66), UV-resistant for outdoor use, incl. cable gland set

For DC protection of the inverter of PV systems. If there is a risk of condensation due to wind, ice, temperature or sun, additional measures may be required!