Optiplug – Intelligent Socket

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Optiplug is the intelligent socket that switches appliances on when there is enough surplus power to run them for free and off when there’s not. Optiplug learns how much electricity is used by the appliances plugged into it and compares this to how much surplus power there is.

Optiplug needs to receive data from a Wattson Solar Plus, Energeno Online Monitoring Pack or an Optimmersion with a transmitter built-in (e.g. Optimmersion, Optimmersion Wireless or Optismart Hot Water).

Optiplug installation is so simple that no site visit is required so it can be sent to customers by post, making it an ideal low-cost upgrade for any of the 15,000+ Wattson owners with Solar PV.

Why choose to sell Optiplug?

  • Automatically makes use of free electricity even if no-one is at home.
  • Many uses – Infrared heating panels are perfect as low wattage (200W & up) so will come on even in winter. Other uses include charging all phones & tablets etc. through a multi-plug, charging electric bikes for completely green transport and more creative uses such as pond pumps etc.
  • Ideal low-cost upgrade for Wattson Solar Plus, Online Monitoring Pack or Optimmersion
  • Very simple installation – no site visit required, can be sent to customers by post for self-install.
  • Multiple Optiplugs can be installed
  • High powered items prioritised to save the most money

Tech specs:

  • AC Power (50/60 Hz) 230V – 250V
  • Working Temperature (oC) -10 to 50
  • Radio Frequency 433 MHz
  • Max. Current 13 amps
  • Standby Power Consumption <0.5 watts
  • Packaged Weight 157 g
  • Dimensions (cm) L:12 W:6 D:8
  • Certifications BS 1363-2

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