MC4 Connector Twin Pack with Two ArcBox Enclosures

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 A pack of 2x Male and 2x Female cable couplers and 2 x ArcBox Enclosures

ArcBox Enclosures

The rapid growth of solar installations brings a heightened risk of fires due to errors in assembling DC connectors. These errors include poorly crimped joints, mismatched connectors, wet assembly, and incomplete insertion. To mitigate this risk, the ArcBox enclosure securely encapsulates DC connectors, preventing potential arc faults from spreading to combustible materials. Independently verified by the KIWA fire test laboratory and Loughborough University, ArcBox is particularly suited for BIPV installations and flat roof setups where DC cabling is close to combustible materials like single ply membrane or asphalt. Critical facilities like hospitals, schools, care homes, and factories benefit from ArcBox's ability to manage risks in high-consequence locations.

Staubli MC4

  • Snap-in lock
  • Locking by safety lock clip PV-SSH4 in accordance with NEC 2011, can be released only with tool
  • Proven MULTILAM technology with high long-term stability, which ensures consistently low performance loss throughout the entire service life of the plug connector
  • Tried and tested plug connectors, 14 years of experience in the field
  • Suitable for assembly with cross-sections of 4 and 6 mm²

Rated current: 39 A (for 4 and 6mm2 cable)

Rated voltage: 1000 V IP Rating: IP65 / IP68 when mated (1h / 1min)  Cross section: 4 – 6 mm² Outer diameter cable (dA): 5,0 – 6,0mm 

Please use correct MC4 approved tools to crimp these connectors on to bare cables. 

Supplier code: 32.0014P0001-UR and 32.0015P0001-UR