KODAK Data Logging Stick – WiFi

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Add an optional WiFi dongle to your KODAK I or H series inverter to enable connection of the inverter to the household Internet.  

The installation is very straight forward and only requires the installer to have a smartphone/laptop to hand; the only customer requirement is a WiFi network within range of the inverter. The unit provides a simple to install monitoring solution for end customers with access to web, iPhone and Android app monitoring. 

In addition to free access to the monitoring website there is also an installer level login so the installer can view all their KODAK inverters installed in one place. 

The unit provides a user friendly, easily accessible solution to inverter monitoring. Keywords: SOLDLSW, Display, Web Interface.

Note: This product is not compatible with the KODAK OG,OG-X and OG-Plus range of OFF-GRID inverters