Jinko 260W Poly Maxim Smart Module All Black

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  •          The most flexible solution for any rooftop condition and orientation
  •          Best-in-class shade tolerance by performing MPPT on individual cell-strings to maximize energy harvest
  •          Elimination of hot spots, which results in minimized panel degradation
  •          No added hardware, compatible with any standard inverter and optimization built into the module

Jinko MX modules can produce the most energy possible regardless of home orientation or shading issues, without the complexity of DC Optimizers or added expense of Microinverters.

Because MPPT for each cell string is embedded into the fabric of these modules, system design can be simplified while still utilizing the industry's most trusted brands of string inverters.

Installation is identical to that of standard modules and requires no internet configuration so shade tolerance can be included without retraining crews or slowing installation.