Iskra 3-ph GSM generation meter AM550

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this next generation AM550 smart meter, with an innovative platform approach enables seamless integration of next generation smart metering functions into the smart grid. 

The specific model of this meter is AM550

It includes these features:

Universal standardized transparent passthrough communication interface

  •  Optimized new metrology base with a powerful “Measure Everything” measuring concept
  •  Modular communication on WAN (P3) and HAN (P1) level
  •  FW upgradeability of communication modules (P3 port)
  •  Backward compatible PLC modules
  •  Flexible memory capacity availability
  •  Extended set of embedded Smart Grid functions Integrated high level security mechanisms Flexible set of input/output options
  •  Sub-metering support and data forwarding over various HAN and WAN communication paths

UK:This meter includes a roaming SIM that is pre-registered with Meter Online. In order to choose a suitable data subscription and activate the SIM, go to