Hoppecke Sun.powerpack classic 6.4kWh / 48 V

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Optimise your direct consumption of photovoltaic energy

Falling Feed in Tariffs and rising energy costs are two very good reasons for maximising the amount of PV generation used on site.

However, the generation and consumption of photovoltaic energy are not synchronised. A battery system allows you to store the photovoltaic energy so you can use the generated energy independent of the sunlight.

HOPPECKE offers you an energy storage solution, enabling you to manage the demand of your household and therefore to reduce electricity costs. With their Solar.Power pack, you are able to store your solar energy temporarily in order to use it at specified times.

    Contents:   – 4 battery units (4 x SunPower VRM 150 12V) valve regulated lead acid AGM   – 1 battery rack   – Battery backup Batfuse 160A   – Connection cable 50mm², length 2.5m   – The battery connector and accessories   Dimensions : 857 x 355 x 724 mm (L x W x H)   Weight: 253kgs