Hoppecke Sun Powerpack Charger trak® power mini

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The unique HOPPECKE HF battery charger for small traction applications

Standard equipment:

  • PFC functionProgrammable external chip
  • Complete plug-in mains and charging cable
  • Device for wall and rack mounting
  • Large LED display
  • Stop button

Product Features

  • Modular charger design  
  • Compact and lightweight design  
  • Controlled and adjustable HF charging technology  
  • Controlled power factor correction  
  • May be used with all types of battery NOTE the chip installed in the front panel will need changing
  • Ampere-hour balanced charging process  
  • Intelligent charging electronic  
  • Automatic start and stop  
  • Microprocessor-controlled charging electro nics The microprocessor-controlled charging electronics of the trak® power mini may be programmed by plugging in an external chip.
  • Equipment cooling Equipment cooling is ensured through a temperature- and output-controlled fan.