GoodWe GW2500-BP DC Charge Controller

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The GoodWe BP series DC energy-storage system is compatible with some single phase on-grid inverters. *   Ordinary PV stations can be upgraded to PV energy storage systems with the addition of a BP energy storage unit.   During daytime, the PV system generates electricity which can be firstly provided to the loads. Then the excess energy will charge the battery via the BP energy storage system.   During the night, battery discharges via BP energy storage system, then electricity will be provided to the loads via PV inverter.     * Please note Goodwe GW2500-BP was tested to work correctly with Goodwe, SunGrow, Solis and SAJ PV inverters. It will not work correctly therefore should NOT be used with SMA, Mastervolt or Zeversolar inverters. Other brands have not been tested, so we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility. Please check Product Compatibility document for details.