Fox ESS LV2600 2.56kWh 48V 2nd Life Battery Module Technical Lab Unit

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The LV2600 2nd life battery is a new high-energy lithium-ion phosphate battery from FoxESS. 

The LV2600 2nd Life is a high-performance, scalable battery storage module. The modular design allows for maximum flexibility, making it suitable for a broad range of storage applications.   More great features:

  • 2.56kWh Capacity
  • 90% Depth of Discharge
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance
  • Easy Installation
  • >6000 Life Cycles
  • CAN/RS485 Communication
  • Low Voltage

Additional batteries can be installed in parallel. With a plug and play solution that can save valuable time for installers.

Please note: The standard warranty on the product is 5 years but it could be extended to 10 years in total after successful registration on the Fox website below.