EVBox Smart Charging+



Single phase, 50A

Makes the most efficient use of the available power capacity by safely balancing the energy usage between your electric car charging station and other appliances on-site (dynamic load balancing).

Integrates with your solar installation

Gives you full control over your energy usage by providing real-time data on your EV charging and solar production.

Car charging options: Charge now, Charge smart or Stop

Smart charge scheduling – have your car "ready Monday to Friday by 8am with a minimum range of 150km" for example.

  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Integrated with solar
  • Supports variable energy tariffs
  • Peak shaving
  • Easy installation
  • CE and UL certified
  • Control with app
  • Includes 3x50A CT clamps
  • Also requires 100A CT clamp EVBOX-SMARTCT100A, supplied separately

Single phase mains connection.  For three phase mains connection please use an additional 2 CT clamps, part number EVBOX-SMARTCT100A

Note Smart Charging+ is currently not compatible with battery storage.