Elvi EV Charger 7.4-22 kW Wifi+UMTS 6m cable Tethered White

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The Elvi series is a residential charging solution from EVBox.

This model can be configured for either single phase or three phase mains input and has an output of 7.4kW and 11kW or 22kW respectively.  

It is a tethered charger with a 6m long cable and a Type 2 connector.

Communication with the unit is made via a choice of Wi-Fi or UMTS (3G). Charging can also be started and stopped by RFID card or RFID key fob (both included, additional key fobs available on request).

The unit can be configured for private charging, commercial charging (e.g. office or factory car park) or public charging whereby a tariff can be set for the general public to pay to use

Add-on package Smart Charging (EVBOX-SMARTC) adds dynamic load balancing meaning  EVBox Elvi always consumes your home's power supply efficiently without costly upgrades to your building's grid connection. Smart Charging+ (EVBOX-SMARTCPLUS) adds smart integration into your solar PV system. 

EVBox Elvi allows you to manage the settlement and reimbursement of all your charging costs via a connected backend.

MID-approved kWh meter accurately monitors charger's consumption.

The device includes the powerful charging management app Hey EVBox. This app allows you to easily track, schedule, and control all your charging sessions from your mobile phone.

EVBox Elvi has a warranty of three years by default. As an option, Elvi's warranty can be extended to five years for further peace of mind.

Online installer training is available from EVBox. To register please use this link