B-BOX 10.24kWh unit – includes 1x Cabinet + 4x Solar Batteries

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The Battery Box products rely on the cutting-edge BYD Iron-Phosphate battery for the streamlined energy storage. B-Box 2.5 has a lightweight wall mounting design which has been specially developed for use in small areas that require energy back-up.


Not only with the same batteries used on the BYD double-decker E-Bus in London, but all the batteries for the B-BOX are produced by the same fully automation traction battery production line.

The B-BOX 2.5, with BYD's excellent Iron-Phosphate battery, has the superiorities of high reliability,  high life-cycle and high-temperature performance, as well as being environmentally friendly.

The B-BOX2.5 needs three components to work:

  • Battery module,
  • BMU (Included with cabinet) 
  • Cabinet.

Battery provides energy to load, BMU is communication centre, Bracket is for mounting to the wall or Rack is for floor mounting.

Please note this a full package with 4x batteries with a BYD Rack and BMU.

Please click on the link below for details on how to install  BYD batteries in the indoor BYD rack:

BYD B BOX LV 48V IP20 Installation Video   This is the new 100% DOD version of B-Plus 2.5 battery.   Warranty conditions for South African customers: To ensure your BYD warranty will be honoured, all South African customer are to complete and return the “Warranty Submission Form” to SegenSolar and warranty@afriplusenergy.co.za within the first month of installation.