ABB Combined irradiance & module temp. sensor 30m

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The short-circuit current of a Silicon solar cell is proportional to the solar radiation. The Si-12TC sensors use a monocrystalline solar cell that is operated in short-circuit mode using a low-impedance resistor. All sensors have active temperature compensation.  The solar cell is embedded in ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) between glass and a Tedlar film and integrated into a housing made of anodized aluminum. The structure of the Si sensor therefore corresponds to that of a PV module. A UV-resistant cable is used to make the electrical connection.  In addition to measuring radiation, the Si-12TC-T sensors enable measurement of the solar cell temperature by means of a temperature sensor directly laminated on the cell.  

Features include:

– Measurement of solar radiation with temperature compensation – Extended measurement range up to 1,200 W/m² – Individual calibration with a reference test signal – Easy to install – 30 m connection cable (UV-resistant)

Keywords: PVIAECIRRT, Power One, Environmental Sensors, Weather Sensor