1200A Split- Core Bus Bar Current Transformer

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Current transformers are devices used to measure current by converting primary alternating current to a safe low voltage (0.333 Vac) output for the measurement of power and energy. Split-core CTBLs allow for installation without disconnecting the primary conductor, a large advantage for bus bar or multi-conductor electrical services.

The CTBL series CTs do not require shorting blocks because they contain an internal secondary burden resistor, so there is no possibility of high voltage on the secondary. The internal burden resistor converts the secondary current (mA) into a safe 0.333 Vac output. The full-scale rated current of the CTBL is determined during calibration by the internal burden resistor. CTBL CTs are intended for energy monitoring with accuracies of 1% of reading from 10% to 100% of rated current.

Bus bar current transformers are designed for large diameter and high current installations. The Solar Edge CTBL series CTs are offered in three standard models (1200, 2000 and 3000A), this 1200A model has internal dimensions 4” x 4” (102 mm x 102 mm).


Note: This sensor is only for use with the SolarEdge Electricity Meter 1PH/3PH 230/400V SolarEdge Modbus Meter 1 second