Segen joins the ISEA

We are delighted to announce that Segen have joined the Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) as their latest member.

Segen are the latest addition to the ISEA. A vibrant network of likeminded solar professionals committed to ensuring that solar provides at least 20% of Ireland’s electricity demand by 2030.

The ISEA’s mission is to ‘Represent the solar industry to maximise the volumes of Irish solar generation’ and this will be achieved through ‘engagement, education & encouraging best practice’.

Formed in 2013, the ISEA features a number of different working groups, which tackle specific solar related issues. Such as legislation changes, routes to the market, grid efficiency, stakeholder engagement and government policies.

At Segen, we are rapidly growing our presence in Ireland by opening  dedicated distribution centre in 2022 so it was a logical step for us to join the ISEA. 

Our membership will reap huge benefits for the business, such as allowing us to:

  •  Vote at ISEA’s Annual General Meeting
  • Run for Annual Board Elections
  • Access ISEA’s Working Groups
  • Connect with other members of the ISEA

Becoming a member of the ISEA is a fantastic opportunity for Segen to increase our presence within Ireland. Supporting an association that’s vital to the solar industry in Ireland that helps bring together key stakeholders is hugely important to us.

We are thrilled that Segen are now a corporate member of the Irish Solar Energy Association: we see this as another positive development in the business’ bright future.

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