Renusol RH Flat roof hook

Is this the Ultimate Roof Hook?

Renusol’s newest roof hook is more flexible, adjustable, and truly universal. 

It’s more flexible, is adjustable and truly universal 

  • FLEXIBLE: The RH Flat has a shorter, narrower base plate and adjustable arm — allowing installers to set it to their preferred dimensions.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Another clever feature of the RH Flat is its adjustable arm, which can be set to 5 or 11 degrees by simply turning the base plate 180 degrees, and its adjustable height, which can be set to 25.6mm, 31.9mm or 38.2mm. 
  • UNIVERSAL: With a lower height of 23.5 mm and a narrower width of 58 mm, this product fits seamlessly into installations with smaller battens and thinner tiles.

Additionally, such an array of configuration options reduces the need to use spacers, which is particularly beneficial to installers working on uneven roofs. Plus, fewer tiles need to be cut, which maintains the integrity of the roof surface. 


Renusol used their PV-Configurator design tool to evidence the number of RH Flat hooks needed compared to their UK plain tile HL roof hooks on the same application area and the result is surprising! There’s a 41% reduction in the number of RH Flat roof hooks needed, depending on the wind and snow load!

20-Year Warranty!

Get a 20-year extended warranty on Renusol products when using the Segen Design Tool which helps you to create custom & accurate designs and therefore make planning your next project as easy as possible. And now it allows very detailed mounting kit designs with Renusol’s own software. Get a manufacturer-approved design using our complete Design Tool.

Have you used the RH Flat roof hook yet? Check out the product page where you can find specifications, datasheets, and installation manuals. And let us know what you think!

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